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Friday, May 01, 2009

My Tweetfeed @ Pleonasticity

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  1. already misses the everyone tab in the right sidebar.
  2. is eating his words often these days. Luckily at least some of them have nutritional value.
  3. finds the function of irony on twitter totally multivalent. Difficult to signal.
  4. Here's the scoop: http://tinyurl.com/dmobna re: Kenyan sex strike.
  5. @joshstuart I think smitherman should just resign period. He helped McGuinty with the erosion of workers rights re: York strike. #cdnpoli
  6. is impressed by the ingenuity of Kenyan women re: sex strike to make gov't function.
  7. lol@msntech. Swine flu goes viral? Well, duh......!!!!
  8. thinks when politicians think of themselves as something other than media for the execution of their constituents' will, democracy fails.
  9. is making a deal with the pigs: don't give me the flu, and I won't kill you and eat you.
  10. Air conditioning is not rocket science. Drill a few damn holes in the ground 100m deep that "share the air" with the basement.
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