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The Invisible Truth: A cross section of Tweets

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A cross section of Tweets

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Marathon_JohnI am now convinced running shoe companies are screwing us over by making our feet weak and lazy. Less is more!

HeeBGBz@Phillyberg How about Republicans must wear Asshats at all times. #majoritybitchezBighoodbossA NIGGA BLESSED TO BE HEAR U KNO,6 MONTHS AGO I WAS LAID UP IN THE HOSPITAL SHOT 5 TIMES BUT U SEE I DONE BOUNCED BK!! "HI HATERZ"

siddman"Sometimes good people stay single. For a long time. It sucks, but what’s the alternative?" - Miss... http://tumblr.com/xuz1o71ucktcatJust saw a sign on a women's restroom door that read, "Wet floor." I wondered why you'd want to do that. It seems unhygenic.DavidSerraultThe Information Architect: a complexity strategist?
MTtheGreatBut after all of these experiences, a responsible human being should want some type of growth

Bubbinator3000I can't believe I'm "following" a dog.

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