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The Invisible Truth

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Windows to the Soul
After William Carlos Williams

To stay put
and let the world
travel through you;

to grieve the loss of love
as if life itself slipped
like sand
through your fingertips
during a grave silence;

to smell the burning leaves aching
into the sky;

to feel the sea creeping
through tickled toes;

to taste the freshly baked bread
rising from chimneys
of the corner bakery;

to watch sand, thrown
in ovens red hot and congealing,
spindled around pokers,
into blown glass;

to hear sparrows calling
each other through tree

to see the world
kaleidoscope glasses;

this is what it
must be like
to watch the sun rise
from the highest
landlocked point in your

by Trevor Cunnington

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