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The Invisible Truth: New Canadian Poetry: Night and Day

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Monday, June 25, 2007

New Canadian Poetry: Night and Day

Night and Day
by I.B. Iskov

A whole city of night
sprouts arms in all directions.
In the private landscape
stark and windswept,
hidden, light surfaces.

With the certainty of gravity
slices of sound
signal in the blue velvet,
anchor my senses.

I float in the gray cradle
with a feeling of lightness
as if my shadow could breathe,
I am free.

My feet follow long shades of caution
this craving for connection,
this desire for shine
rises with the sun,
transports my dream into the concrete.

In this noisy neighbourhood
I want to believe something,
trace the curve of clouds,
scratch beneath their surface,
fly beyond my vision,
be a star in daylight.

I.B. (Bunny) Iskov is the Founder of The Ontario Poetry Society. She is also the Literary Judge for Early Harvest, sponsored by Vaughan Public Libraries. Her work has been featured in many fine literary journals and anthologies, including Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Surface & Symbol, Henry's Creature - Poems and Stories of the Automobile (Black Moss Press) and in North America Maple. She has several published poetry collections. Bunny is currently working on her second full collection of poems. She is married and lives in Thornhill, Ontario in a lovely two story house on a dead end street.

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