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The Invisible Truth: Geothermal Energy: An Alternative to Oil and Electricity as a Source of Heat?

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Geothermal Energy: An Alternative to Oil and Electricity as a Source of Heat?

A building in Kitchener, Ontario has jumped on the vanguard of alternative energy; they heat their business with geothermal energy. They built a series of pipes leading straight down into the ground. The pipes are empty, and because the earth, mostly solid, takes a lot longer than air to cool down, it is quite warm as little as 100 feet into the ground. Because warm air rises, this air travels up the pipes and into the building. Brilliant and simple, isn’t it? Much simpler than transporting oil across the world (even though it might be produced a few hundred miles away) to be sold to a distributing company, which then sells it to other sellers, who then sell it to consumers.

Do you liked smoked salmon, or other types of smoked fish? Apparently, more and more companies, rather than using oil or electricity to create the heat to smoke fish, are starting to use Geothermal energy. George Bush and some of his administration have gone on the record as saying that the environment doesn’t matter because Jesus is going to come any day now. But really, protecting the environment is a win-win situation. If you believe in God, then how can you dare profane the world he created by willingly destroying it? If you believe in the earth as an organism, then you are doing right by it through protecting the source of all life through protecting its various essential organs.

How George Bush can claim that the environment doesn't matter, and his actions speak louder than his words with his refusal to sign the Kyoto Accord. He now wants to develop petroleum resources in a National Wilderness Area in Alaska! His logic baffles my mind...

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